Online Assessment

Get to know your candidate's traits, interests and skills.

PREVUE Individual Assessment

A candidate’s traits, interests, and skills should complement your role like a great tie. To give you the full picture of a candidate, Prevue’s suite of products includes assessments for Aptitude, Motivations & Interests, and Personality.

Price: $200

Discover insights on your team member's personality.

Additional: Team-Fit Report

Compare your temperament with your teammates’, find out the best ways to work together and highlight opportunities for group success.

Price: $50

Reduce turn over by 50% or more.

Additional: Job Fit Report

Job-Fit reports on aptitude, interests, and personality traits, and how they might impact a candidate’s performance in a role. Avoid the guessing part in recruitment, interview only candidates that will fit for the role.

Price: $70

Take a moment to get a full picture of your career trajectory.

Individual Career Coaching

Everyone has their own path, in work and in life. Whether you just started building yours or you’re currently finding yourself in a cross roads, it’s always a good thing to take a moment and reassess your options. As we grow in our career, knowledge will expand as well as ability in perceiving issues. Judgements will shift, as the world changes. Find a firm ground to stand on and see your way forward.

Price: $50

Where to Start

It's all about trust inducing working relationship, involving human touch and information technology to support our intervention.

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