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Quintave is a management consulting company helping senior executives achieve results and increased shareholder value, since 1999, by aligning the right structure, the right people, and the right managerial practices with business strategy.

We help companies willing to invest in their future to become world-class companies. As role models, world-class companies, which have positive impacts for the societies where they operate. These companies are role –models in sustainability, efficiency, effectiveness, work satisfaction, and engendering trust with their stakeholders.

We help willing CEOs gain personal confidence that their organization will achieve what they intend to achieve in a changing world of increased importance for sustainability.

PT Quintave Kinerja Mulia

In January 2nd, 2018, Quintave established a limited liability company in Indonesia (Perseroan Terbatas) named PT Quintave Kinerja Mulia, in partnership with Quintave International advisory firm in Canada, specializing in sustainable transformational managerial leadership.

PT Quintave Kinerja Mulia, in partnership with Quintave International advisory firm in Canada, work on the basis of an international network of accomplished advisors and consultants who have broad business credentials, academics who can support research as required, and practitioners who lend a practical approach to all that we recommend and support in implementation. This is performed through ongoing advice on how best to dynamically structure, manage, and practice the hierarchical discipline of work as a total managerial leadership system.

What Quintave Kinerja Mulia (Quintave) is:


The harmonics of 4 levels of human capability (from Elliott Jaques works in his published “Requisite Organization” based on his more than 50 years research on Organization hierarchy)


Organization Effectiveness and Operation Excellence (OE2) to deliver all objectives


Reach full potential of organization and employees

We are supporting the delivery of all business objectives by means of Organization Effectiveness and Operation Excellence (OE2), hence, the organization and their employees can reach their full potentials, through the understanding, organization, and application of 4 levels of human capability as a total managerial Leadership System.

Our Advisors

President Director & Principal Advisor

Quintave Kinerja Mulia

Principal Advisor

Quintave Canada

Executive Advisor

Quintave Kinerja Mulia

Executive Advisor

Quintave Canada

Executive Advisor

Quintave Canada

Our professional team ready to help you in your organizational journey, wherever you are.

The Maxim of Quintave

We are guided by three key maxims and all our advisors practice these as a matter of discipline. As you work with us, you will gradually exercise these disciplines as your guiding principles:

Do not unglue what works

Before changing anything, you need to know what works well and why. This work will sustain your organization during the times of change. Ungluing them potentially unglues everything.

Everything has to be trust inducing

Expectations must be clear, advice from various role holders must be heard, no policies and work should create organization suspicion and paranoia. If you doubt that you may do harm, stop. Organizational retrenchments or redundancy exercises in particular need to be done in a trust-inducing way.

Everything has to happen through two-way authentic conversations

People need to know what, by when, and why to get themselves engaged. Forcing actions, even subtle force, will backfire. Invest in more time during the initial stage to reap sustainable benefit.

We provide ongoing advice for sustainable solutions.

Our Work

If you are considering us, chances are you have invested appreciably in various organizational remedies and panaceas, with varying degrees of success.You are now looking for ways to set the organizational conditions that enable people to work together effectively, with mutual trust, such that your organization could learn to sustain them through time. You are now contemplating to develop organization structures and organization processes which can provide for world-class working and business effectiveness.

The way we work is to clarify your work. We do not assume solutions. Assuming solutions only confuses you more. Assuming solutions leads to false or superficial solutions that may work in short terms, yet will not sustain in the medium to long run.

We work together with you in a very disciplined way in teasing out your intention such that you can reflect, retrace, and clarify what has been done, what is being done now, and what needs to be done going forward given the overall business dynamics.

We employ the rigorous science of Requisite Organization that provides a comprehensive model about the nature of human nature of work to really get to know about what needs to be done for you.

We provided ongoing advice and support for CEOs to sustainably and pragmatically grow the business by methodically uncovering the answer for these three key questions:

Unclear intention leads to assumed work that leads to unmet business promise.

Hold managers from the CEO down to first line manager accountable for the outputs of their subordinates.

By understanding, implementing, and instilling a trust enhancing organization design.

All employees being fully effective, working together in a trust inducing way.

Executives we have worked around the world

Indonesia (Jakarta, Sorowako) - Argentina - Australia - Brazil - Canada - Ghana - Guinee - Hongkong - Japan - Malaysia - Mali - Peru - South Africa - Senegal - Tanzania - United States

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