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In a study of 13102 hires within companies who experience high employee turnover, the use of a Job Match Assessment was introduced and aligned with employee turnover reducing by 50%.

Job Matching for Better Sales Performance - Harvard Business Review Study Greenberg, H.M. & Greenberg, J - 1980

The Prevue HR System is as a sophisticated tool tailored for optimizing HR processes. This system leverages benchmarks for specific job positions, evaluates candidates' work approaches, and assesses their compatibility within team dynamics. It aims to facilitate the selection of candidates who not only align with the job requirements but also blend well with the company's existing team structure.

Prevue predicts job suitability by comparing candidate’s results against a Benchmark created specifically to reflect the nuances of the job for which you are recruiting. The Benchmark can be created from a composite of the abilities, interests and personality traits of individuals who are currently successful in the job, from management’s input or combination of the two.

The Prevue Assessment is unique in that it measures General Mental Ability, Interests, and Personality together to present the “Total Person” so that you can avoid the cost of a bad hire, reduce employee turnover and identify future leaders. As an assessment rather than a test, there are no “wrong” answers; only results that suggest an individual is better suited to one type of work than another.

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